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How to choose a romantic wine bar in Ho Chi Minh City for a date

So you’ve finally asked that special someone out and now it’s time to plan your first date. You want to impress them, but where do you go? Well, there are plenty of options in Ho Chi Minh City for a romantic night out in the city. If wine is your thing then try to choose a romantic wine bar in Ho Chi Minh City for a date, we highlight some of the best places to have a drink or two with your loved one! We’ll also include some tips to make sure they’re having a great time so all they can think about is when you’ll ask them out again!

1. Why did I pick these wine bars for a date

If you want a wine bar for a first date, you should probably pick a place that is not too trendy or trendy. There are plenty of good wine bars in Ho Chi Minh City where the prices are affordable and the atmosphere is romantic. The selection of wines will be a little bit more limited at a budget-friendly wine bar but it’s all about compromise.

1.2 Romantic atmosphere

I like a romantic atmosphere when it comes to a date, but I am not a big fan of wine bars with a loungy vibe; there I prefer a more modern and chic place where you can sit at the bar or a table. And if the place has a rooftop… even better! 

1.3 Easy to talk to

Another thing you have to consider when going on a date is how easy it will be to communicate in a wine bar with a native speaker in a foreign language (for example my girlfriend). If you go to a fancy place, the food might be the only topic that can come up in conversation, which might make it difficult afterward when you want to get to know each other a little bit better.

1.4 Have food to enjoy and a view (if it’s a rooftop)

Last but not least I like to have some food that allows me to enjoy the company without feeling hungry throughout the evening, so a small snack for between two glasses of wine is always welcome! And if possible a view… this is a big plus in my eyes as it makes a wine bar even more special.

All these things lead me to the selection below of wine bars in downtown Saigon with a good balance between price/quality/romance/conversation potentials etc. One last tip before you start reading: most of these places are fairly close to each other, so if one of them does not meet your expectations you can just skip a few meters and go to the next one.

2. Some things you should look out for when choosing your wine bar in Ho Chi Minh for a date

This is Ho Chi Minh City after all! So there are hundreds of places where you can choose from. I looked a little deeper into a few places that I know and think could be a good fit for a first date.

2.1 Location

First of all, it is a nice thing if your date can get directly to the restaurant without a lot of hassle. This means that you should probably not choose an off-the-beaten-path wine bar because then she might have a hard time finding it. You want her to be able to arrive at the location right on time and experience a minimum of stress.

It’s best to go with a place that is close to the main street, within walking distance from where you meet, or a short cab rides away. This is why I think Paloma Wine Bar (in District 1) would make a perfect first date place: It’s centrally located, close enough but also far away enough from other busy venues like Pham Ngu Lao or Bui Vien streets. Plus, a taxi ride to and from the wine bar will only take a few minutes. This will allow her to leave at any moment if she gets uncomfortable with you, wants to end the date early, etc… But it’s also important not to pick a wine bar too close! You don’t want people of your friends/family seeing her on a date with you somewhere else. So location plays an important role in this decision.

2.2 Price

It depends a bit on your budget but generally, you should not pick a place that is so expensive that she either feels uncomfortable or doesn’t want to come at all just because it’s too expensive for her taste.

The Wine Loft (in District 1) would be a good choice in this regard: The wines are very nice but still affordable enough that she won’t have a heart attack when looking at the menu.

A wine bar should be affordable but not super cheap either because then your girl might think a second date is a little bit far off. So a wine bar that goes a little over 100,000 VND a bottle of wine should be a good fit. There are plenty of options to choose from so keep this in mind before you book a table somewhere.

2.3 Atmosphere

As an introvert who used to work in a reasonably social job, I think meeting new people can be nerve-wracking even though I’m a confident person. A good atmosphere can do a lot to make a date a success or a failure. The best atmospheres haven’t been created by accident, they are a product of a well-thought-out concept and a proper execution. This is why you should always check out a wine bar ahead before going there on a date – especially if it’s the first one!

While picking a wine bar for a first date it’s best to go with a place where the atmosphere is not too loud or quiet either. You might have experienced this already: You go out on a date and all you can hear is the music coming from the speakers next to you? Now imagine how hard it must be to hold a conversation in that environment! Best avoid going there to conserve your energy! It’s fine going with a place that has a little bit louder atmosphere because people will still be able to talk comfortably.

The Wine Loft (in District 1) would be a great choice in this regard because it has a nice big table at the entrance with comfy sofas where you can sit down together for drinks before moving to your seat together which is also pretty central inside the restaurant so that all other guests will be able to see you easily.

3. What to look for in a pub you’ve chosen

Many lovers have a secret list of romantic pubs a person can visit with a significant other. 20% of people surveyed said a pub must have a pleasant environment and have a range of alcoholic beverages to choose from. For a place to be considered a good date spot, many variables may come into play, such as staff availability, wine selection, etc., but no matter what one looks for in a pub they hope to share drinks at with their partner on a special night out, knowing ahead of time will help maximize the experience.

3.1 Check out the menu to see what they offer 

Once you find a good location and a price range that fits your budget, check out their wine list and find a bottle you like. A quick Google search for a place where I wanted to go with a friend some time ago brought up this website. It’s a great tool that helps you decide whether a place looks like a good fit or not by checking out its wines and price range. Easy as that! Also, ask around on Facebook groups for recommendations if needed.

This may not be a deal-breaker for a first date, but you should get an idea about what they offer on the menu. Is there a good selection of wines? Is the food affordable or a little bit too pricey? While checking out their menu keep in mind that a wine bar’s primary purpose is to sell wines. So if you don’t see any types of wines listed, it might be wise to go somewhere else. But again… this is not a deal-breaker! If they have one good glass of Pinotage available or a glass of French Rose, bring her there!

3.2 Know what kind of wine you want to drink 

Some people prefer a dry red or a sweeter white for their dates; other people want a blend of both! It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for and aim for that when choosing a pub. This way, the person will have what they like and won’t be disappointed with anything else on the menu. Plus, if there’s a specific variety that the pub has available and tastes amazing, you’ll experience something unforgettable without having to look further than where you already are. 

3.3 Make reservations ahead of time 

In Ho Chi Minh City, the vast majority of trendy pubs operate primarily as restaurants or cafes during the day and transition to a fully-fledged bar at night after it closes for dinner service. This means that most people will need a reservation to grab a drink with their significant other.

Why not just stop by around 7 pm? Because pubs that have a good selection of wines and a cozy environment to share a romantic evening with a lover typically have a busy nightlife scene so it’s best to plan. Plus, a lot of these places are located in very high-end buildings which makes finding a table a challenge for walk-ins.

3.4 Check reviews online about the service quality and food/drink availability

In Ho Chi Minh City, many pubs aren’t famous but serve an amazing glass or two of wine and delicious food (And they’re often cheaper than the “popular” spots!). However, many people don’t know this! The solution is simple: read reviews about pubs in your area before you go check them out yourself. If you need a romantic wine bar in Ho Chi Minh City for a date, look no further!

4. The famous wine bars in Ho Chi Minh City

4.1 Chill Skybar

Chill Skybar is a rooftop bar in Saigon that attracts people from all over the city. Every night, it’s surrounded by those looking to have some fun and enjoy an amazing view of Vietnam’s capital as they party into morning hours with you!


AB Tower, 26th Floor, 76A Le Lai Street, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh



Opening hours: 

5:30 pm to 2:00 am


VNĐ 200.000 – VNĐ 550.000


– Beautiful space inside and out.

– Expensive price (understandable because of the prime location with a beautiful view at night).

– Service staff is extremely polite and friendly.

– I went up to see the scenery, so I only ordered a drink, but it was clean and fine.

– For Photographers, who have a place to expose the city at night, the 24mm lens is enough exposure, the wider the better.

4.2 The View Rooftop Bar

This is the perfect place to go if you’re traveling on a budget and looking for something that won’t break your wallet. This bar has amazing drinks, but their prices will make sure they stay within everyone’s means!


195 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh 



Opening hours: 

10:00 am to 01:00 am


VND 35.000 – VND 300.000


Great Bar, nice decoration, very convenient location, variety of drinks, very friendly and enthusiastic staff, Mr. Dee – Bar Manager is very attentive, an ideal place for Friends to meet later work time.

The first time I went with friends to The View, the restaurant has an open and airy space. It’s a bit too much when it rains, but the food is beautiful and delicious. Delicious cocktails and enthusiastic staff. Feeling very comfortable and satisfied when coming here. I will come back if I have a chance

4.3 The Deck Saigon

The Deck Saigon

The Deck Saigon is a classy restaurant and bar located on the riverside. It’s been awarded for its excellent pan-Asian cuisine, romantic ambiance with scenic views of Hoan Kiem Lake from its outdoor patio or inside dining room if you’re cozier! You’ll love all our dishes whether it be vegetarian options as well – we’ve got something that will satisfy everyone here on The Deck Saigon menu so come try us out today before this hidden gem gets too packed.


38 Nguyen U Di Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh



Opening hours: 

08:00 am to 11:00 pm


VNĐ 100.000 – VND 400.000


I came here on Thursday afternoon, booked a table in advance, and was arranged to sit next to the river, a quiet and romantic space for a couple.

About the food

Pan-fried salmon with crispy skin but the fish meat is not so excellent, the inside is not moist, soft and fragrant as I expected

Pan-fried duck breast: the meat is not well-processed, the smell is still there, the miso sauce is a bit sweet

Service is not too enthusiastic but also does not ignore customers

If there is a reason to come back, it is the atmosphere of the restaurant, to have a sip of wine and enjoy the wonderful view.

4.4 Indika Saigon

Indika Saigon

Indika Saigon, the House of Curiosity is an old wooden French-style house in District 1. This restaurant often changes its menu and adds more unique dishes to satisfy customers who come from all over both Vietnamese and foreign countries for their musical events at night or delicious meals here! 


43 Nguyen Van Giai Street, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh



Opening hours: 

04:00 pm to 00:00 am


VNĐ 30.000 – VNĐ 100.000


This is the best place for a chilling night with your friend or even your bae. Wonderful food, draft beer – especially Pasteur Street fruit draft beer, Music, Space, and Staffs. I came here not for the weekend but daily also for just things I said. Hope you guys will always be like this.

4.5 Firkin Bar

Firkin Bar

The customers walk through a dimly lit, medieval-style door into an otherworldly environment. The bar is lined with dark wood and features low music that can’t be missed by anyone who enters this place!


20 Mac Thi Buoi Street, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh



Opening hours: 

05:00 pm to 02:00 am


VNĐ 150.000 – VNĐ 8.000.000


Seeing friends inviting and complimenting this bar is ok, gently sitting and talking should go and let me know. Unfortunately, the inside of the room was full, sitting outside, people going in and out of smoking could not stand it.

The bar is decorated quite eye-catching, the space is small. Looks cozy, friendly.

The light in the shop is dim, it’s crowded on weekend evenings.

Staff dressed like the office, seem very serious. Service is also cheerful and enthusiastic.

Cocktails are mixed very well, I’m not used to drinking, so it’s easy to get drunk.

4.6 Eon Heli Bar

Eon Heli Bar

You can feel like you’re on top of the world as soon as you step into Bitexco Financial Tower. The views are stunning, with your drink and sunset dinner date waiting for just below!


52nd Floor, Bitexco Tower Building, Hai Trieu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh


10:30 am to 01:00 am

Opening hours: 



VNĐ 200.000 – VNĐ 550.000


The restaurant has a very nice location, everyone. Very suitable for those who want to change both in terms of food enjoyment and restaurant space. The decorative dishes are very eye-catching, harmonious in terms of color and layout. There is quite a wide selection of dishes and a price range for everyone. The atmosphere is quite comfortable and cozy. The brothers and sisters serve standard, enthusiastic, hard to listen to the requirements of customers. In general, as I said above, if anyone wants to experience it, the shop is worth a try.

5. Types of wine that can call a lover

If you only use a few tricks to gain or show off, the possibility of backfire is always very high. So, instead of looking for some tricks or memorable cocktails to order, step by step become a cocktail connoisseur and understand women’s psychology. It will help you become a sophisticated, content person and have a natural attraction to women.

For the first glass, choose a cocktail with only about 1/3 alcohol so the story can start lightly. You can ask the girl if she’d like to try a stronger drink with 1/2 alcohol in the second glass. If the story doesn’t seem like it’s going to last long and the person doesn’t have an idea. If you decide to be more intimate with your friend, you can go straight to the 3rd mellow drink to prepare to end a date.

Not everyone has a special interest in drinking or enjoying delicious cocktails. If they show more excitement, more freedom and start sharing more then you can trust that this is the girl who will have 3 drinks with you.

The distance between 2 drinks and 3 drinks is also an implicit indicator of how interested she is in you or the story of both today is interesting enough for her to want to linger and look forward to something. that is further away.

5.1 M Malvasia Nera

Up to 60% of women are convinced at first when trying Italian wine M Malvasia Nera. The wine is made from the Malvasia Nera grape variety, creating a deep, seductive red color. The special thing about these wines is that they are complexed with fruit flavors such as raspberry, plum, cherry, and oak aromas. Everything is harmonious when the wine is soft, the color is perfect, it sparkles in the glass. A high-class wine that is confirmed not only by its unforgettable flavor but also by its beautiful bottle design.

5.2 Chile Punti Ferrer Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

See details on taste and price of Chile Chile Punti Ferrer Reserva Chile is not only famous for its powerful men’s wines but also known as the cradle of producing light, delicate, and high-class sweet wines. for women. With a bottle of wine, Punti Ferrer Reserva wine always gives users interesting experiences. You will enjoy the glass of wine deposited, full in the mouth, with attractive flavors of plum, cherry combined with vanilla, licorice, and strawberry flavors.

5.3 IL Cavaliere

Deep ruby red color with purple reflections on the sides of the glass, with aromas of ripe red fruit, jam, black cherries, dates, dried figs, and nuances of cocoa blending to create a sweet taste. and convincing, warm, soft, enveloping finish characterized by persistent cooked fruit aromas. As a wine famous for its perfection, it can conquer the most demanding diners. Immerse yourself once in the faint aroma of wine on the nose, and the delicate sweet taste on the tip of the tongue, unforgettable.

 If you want to impress your date with a romantic wine bar in Ho Chi Minh City for a date, consider what they are interested in. Do they prefer wine bars? A particular cuisine? Consider their preferences when selecting the perfect place for an intimate meal. One of my favorite places is La Casa Wine Bar on Nguyen Hue Street because it has both delicious food and award-winning wines that will satisfy any palate! I recommend checking them out if you’re looking for someplace special to take your next love interest. What about you? Have you found a great spot yet or do you have any recommendations we should know about? Let us know so other readers can enjoy these tips too!

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