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It’s more than just trying and comparing a few wines when you have a backyard wine tasting for outdoor events; it’s about gathering a small group of friends for conversation and a shared, memorable experience.

We’ve put up this comprehensive guide on arranging wine-tasting parties to assist you in planning a memorable event that your guests will remember.

wine for outdoor date

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Tips For The Best Outdoor Wine Events

Before we get into wine pairings, party favors, and themes, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your tasting party.

  1. Seating should be set up in a way that encourages group participation and conversation for backyard wine tasting parties.
  2. Decide if you want to have a dinner party in conjunction with your wine tasting or merely pair your wines with small nibbles before organizing your menu.
  3. You’ll need a strategy and schedule in place well before your party to ensure that all of the wines are correctly served in terms of temperature and aeration. This infographic from Wine Folly may be of assistance.
  4. Decide if you want your tasting party to be formal or casual before establishing a theme or sending out invitations. Most of the party planning components covered below will be influenced by this decision, so make it early in the planning process.
  5. Wine tasting parties with a small guest list are the most successful. This makes the event more intimate, keeps the group together, and allows your guests to talk about the wines they’re tasting more easily.

Cocktail recipes

Cocktail recipes

  1. Plan your tasting and pairings properly, as it’s better to start with the lightest wines and work your way up to the heavier.
  2. It’s useful to know how knowledgeable and experienced your guests are with wine. This will help you decide on appropriate party activities, whether to use scorecards or make things more informal, and whether it would be enjoyable to pay someone to offer a short class on how to taste wine and pair it with various meals. You may also watch a few videos online and teach your friends the fundamentals of wine tasting before you start.
  3. After an afternoon or evening of wine sampling, no one should drive, so make arrangements for transportation ahead of time. This might be as simple as downloading the Uber and Lyft applications, assigning drivers, or arranging a shuttle to transport guests home after the party.

Suggestions For Each Part Of The Outdoor Wine Event Holding

Outdoor Wine Party Invitations

Sending excellent party invitations is rapidly becoming a lost art, as many individuals appear to have forgotten the significance of invitations in the planning and hosting of any social gathering.

Your guests’ first impression of your party is the invitation, which informs them of what to expect and allows them to prepare for the occasion. So that your visitors can plan accordingly, your invites should match the theme, colors, and level of sophistication. For example, based purely on the style and content of your invitations, you should be able to discern whether your event will be casual, semi-formal, or formal.

It’s part of your responsibility as the party host to make your guests feel at ease by letting them know what to expect. It helps them to dress comfortably and offers them hints about other useful information, such as whether or not they should eat beforehand or whether or not you will be serving food.

Best alcoholic drinks for romantic night

Best alcoholic drinks for romantic night

Outdoor Wine Party Themes

Simply match your theme to the wines you’ll be pouring for easy party planning. If you’re serving wines from Napa Valley, for example, you can go with a Napa theme, which covers nearly any décor related to wine or vineyards. Decorate with fake grapes and vines, wine cork art, or antique wine barrels, for example. If you just want a basic wine theme for your tasting party, all of this décor would suffice.

Choose Spanish-themed décor, serve tapas, and play classical Spanish guitar on your playlist if you’re serving Spanish wines.

Best wine for romance

Best wine for romance

Local wines can be served in a variety of ways throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, and surrounding areas, which is a great opportunity to learn about local wines while also supporting local vineyards and vineyard workers. As a result, you might serve local wines and customize your theme accordingly. If you’re tasting Fallbrook wines, for example, your décor can reflect both the rustic, country environment and the bustling art scene that the town is known for.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, develop a playlist to play as background music to improve the mood without interfering with dialogue.

Outdoor Wine Party Decoration

The décor will be dictated by the subject of your party, but since this is a wine-tasting party, some decor is always suitable. For instance, you might fill vases with wine corks to make simple centerpieces, cut small slits in corks to make place cardholders, or use corks to construct trivets or artwork to decorate your outdoor party areas.

Another thing to remember when preparing the decor for a seated wine tasting is to keep your centerpieces low so they don’t impede other guests’ views or inhibit discussion.

Best wine for a romantic date

Outdoor Wine Party Supplies

What you’ll need to host a wine tasting party can vary depending on the type of party. Of course, you’ll need wine glasses, and they must be actual glass wine glasses. You can’t have a wine tasting if you’re using plastic glasses or normal glasses that aren’t meant for wine. If at all feasible, have the appropriate wine glass for each varietal you plan to serve.

If you plan on reusing the same glasses for each new wine, make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them so that no residual water affects the taste of the next wine poured into the glass. If you’re not reusing glasses, make sure you have enough wine glasses on hand to serve each visitor a new glass with each wine. For more formal tastings, it’s common to expect each wine to be served in its own glass. It’s fine to use the same white wine glass for all of the whites and the same red wine glass for all of the reds at a more casual gathering of friends.

Best wine for outdoor events

Best wine for outdoor events

For a more formal tasting, you’ll also need tasting notepads or score sheets for each of your visitors, as well as one or two tasting suggestion sheets. All of this can be made very simple by ordering a wine tasting party kit online, which includes everything from scorecards to fragrance wheels.

Although most backyard tastings entail more sipping than spitting, your more seasoned wine tasters may anticipate seeing a bucket on the table. Even if you don’t plan on doing anything as formal as spitting, having a bucket on hand will give your guests a place to pour away wines that don’t suit their palates and won’t be finished.

Table linens, such as tablecloths and napkins, tiny plates, cutlery, serving ware, and enough seats for all of your guests are also required. If you’re a frequent party host, all of these items can be purchased or rented so you don’t have to bother about storing them or washing tablecloths or dishes after your party.

Outdoor Wine Party Food

Unless you’re having a dinner party in addition to your wine tasting, a spread of small nibbles to consume with or in between rounds of wine tasting is completely acceptable. Palate cleaners, such as breads, as well as meals that match well with the wines you’re offering, should be included.

Wine tasting for romance

Wine tasting for romance

Williams Sonoma suggests matching cabernet sauvignon with sausages and hard cheeses, pinot grigio with goat cheeses or green vegetables, Riesling with citrus or charcuterie, and dessert wines with nuts, chocolate, or dried fruit, among other suggestions.

Outdoor Wine Party Drinks

You’ll need a lot of wine because wine is at the heart of this social event. Backyard wine tastings typically comprise four to six wines, including both reds and whites to accommodate guests who only drink one. For the testing phase of the evening, one bottle of each wine for every five or six people is usually plenty. Then, for every five or six guests, you’ll want to have at least one additional bottle of each wine on hand so that they may continue to drink their favorite wine throughout the evening.

Obviously, the wine will be the beverage of choice throughout your celebration, but you’ll want to have a few other options on hand as well. For example, bottled water or a beverage dispenser with water should be available so that your visitors can take a break from the wine if they so wish.

It’s also a good idea to have a festive or theme-related non-alcoholic beverage on hand for those who want to limit their wine consumption or who have had their fill of alcohol for the evening and should stick to virgin drinks until a sober visitor brings them home.

At wine tasting events, non-alcoholic sangria is a good choice. Because sangria is generally made with wine, it lets your guests enjoy the festivities without the alcohol. To more nearly imitate the experience of drinking red wine, try this Kitchen recipe, which includes black tea and pomegranate juice.

Having a pleasant, non-alcoholic choice can also assist to guarantee that all of your guests are included and feel more at ease. While it may seem apparent that wine drinkers will be among your guests, if you’re inviting couples, one spouse may be a wine drinker while the other is sober or a teetotaler.

Outdoor Wine Party Games

Some outdoor wine tasting events are more serious occasions with official scorecards and sommelier-level talks, so there aren’t always party games. For more casual events, though, incorporating one or two wine-themed party games is a terrific idea. If your visitors are experienced wine tasters, have them sample wines and estimate the correct area or varietal to win a prize. Playing a wine quiz game is another alternative for more experienced wine drinkers.

If your party list includes those who appreciate a glass of wine but can’t tell the difference between a Syrah and a Sangiovese, games that need little to no wine expertise may be more enjoyable. You might, for example, have all of your visitors drink the same wine and then create a label or tagline for it. Then, for a chance to win a reward, all of your guests can vote for the greatest label or slogan.

Best wine for romantic party

Best wine for romantic party

A blind taste test pairing a low-cost wine with a higher-cost wine is another simple game that your visitors will appreciate. Pair a high-end Shiraz from California with a Charles Shaw Shiraz (affectionately known as Two Buck Chuck, made primarily from California grapes and available at Trader Joe’s) to see if they can tell which is the cheaper wine.

Of course, the winners of your party games should receive awards. These should be tied to your party theme in some way, so consider wine bottles, wine-themed gifts, wine glasses, a gift basket, or something that matches the party favors that each visitor will get.

Outdoor Wine Party Favors

When there are party favors involved, parties are always more memorable and enjoyable. Bottles of wine, wine glass markers, engraved wine glasses, a tiny cutting board, and cheese knife, a wine aerator and pourer, or a personalized corkscrew could all be included in a wine tasting. For smaller gatherings, try giving each guest a little wine-themed gift box to take home.

Wine And Seafood – A Perfect Combination For Outdoor Wine Event

The combination of what wine to use with fish and seafood is always something that makes many people think and ponder. Especially in the summer, the season of coastal festivals, seafood dishes are more and more popular.

For a long time, it was generally accepted that white wine should be eaten with fish, seafood, and red wine with meat. And of course, that is a general way of choosing so that you can choose the right wine for the meal.

However, choosing white wine is so appropriate, but have you ever wondered: what wine to drink when eating seafood? Does South Africa’s Chennin Blanc, when paired with grilled lobster, differ from the famous French Burgundy white wine or with Chardonnay?

Red wine for a romantic date night

Red wine for a romantic date night


It can be said that choosing the right wine bottle for seafood dishes sometimes depends on many other factors such as the advice of the staff at the restaurant, the wine seller, or your preference for the label. alcohol bottle…

However, there are clear instructions from leading experts that will give you the most unbiased views and make your wine dining experience truly perfect.

Here are a few suggestions for seafood dishes that go well with different wines on your picnic date.

Sparkling Wine

Best romantic wine for a date

These sparkling wines, whether from California, France, Spain or Italy, are always the perfect pairing with deep-fried foods. While light (low alcohol) beers often pair well with fried seafood, most wines lose a bit of flavor when you pair them with dishes steeped in oil (like Tempura in Japan).

The sparkling wine line will partially overcome that drawback. The ripples of bubbles will help reduce the taste of fried seafood and you can enjoy your meal to the fullest. These wines can also be paired with caviar. A few suggestions for you about this sparkling wine such as:


Wines Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio.

It can be said that these wines pair perfectly with white fish. Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Grigio wines pair very well with lean meats and whitefish. Tuna, halibut, snapper, clams, or oysters all pair well with this wine. In addition, you can use this wine to reduce the natural greasy taste in some seafood dishes such as sea bass, catfish, lobster, or mussels. A few suggestions for you about this wine are:

Chenin Blanc:

Sauvignon Blanc

  • Max Reserva Sauvigno Blanc
  • Mezzacorona Sauvignon Blanc, Trentino DOC
  • Chateau Clou Du Pin Bordeaux Blanc
  • Winkl Sauvignon Blanc 

Chardonnay, Fumé Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Gris

Best wine for intimacy

Best wine for intimacy

 These are whites with more intense flavors. Chardonnay pairs perfectly with sea bass, crab, raw oysters, and even lobster. A full-bodied white wine paired with a main dish. If the dish is a bit oily like mackerel, try pairing it with Pinot Gris or Viognier. A few suggestions for you about this wine are:

  • Chateau De Meursault Bourgogne
  • Château de marsannay, champs perdrix
  • Giesen Hawkes Bay Chardonnay

Wines Pinot Noir, Gamay, Sangiovese, Grenache

This is basically a red wine and usually pairs well with red meat dishes. However, this red wine can also pair quite nicely with salmon, tuna, mackerel, swordfish, or other types of fish that are rich in protein, thick, and rich in flavor. In the Chianti wine region, where mostly Sangiovese wines are often combined with Spaghetti sauce for octopus stew in tomato sauce. However, be careful to avoid pairing this red wine with spicy seafood dishes because you may experience an unpleasant metallic taste. A few suggestions for you about this wine are:

Pinot Noir :

  • Belle Glos Pinot Noir Dairyman
  • Beaune – Greves 2013, Premier Cru
  • Louis Latour Bourgogne Pinot Noir


Enjoy the Sangiovese Flacianello

Rose Wine

The rosé wines of Spain, France, Italy, or California – USA are great when paired with bolder main dishes. This is a wine with a few red wine characteristics but not quite red wine. In terms of taste, it can be considered a rich white wine like Chardonnay and Fumé Blanc. You combine lines of rose wine with steak swordfish or tuna. Or maybe with seafood tomato soup like Italian seafood soup. A few suggestions for you about this wine are:

  • M de Minuty Rose
  • Tavernello Sangiovese Rosato, Rubicone IGT

However, the ultimate goal when pairing wine with seafood is also to create an even better dining experience. You also do not need to use exactly the recommended wine when pairing with seafood and choose your own unique wine to feel the unexpected appeal of the dishes of “the sea”.

Best wine for romance

Above are some ideas for your wine outdoor event plan, accompanied with some suggestions in terms of wine names for your picnic. Follow us to know more fascinations about the world of wine.

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